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Current Account:

Current Account Service

This account enables you to manage your banking transactions and saves you time and effort, and gives you a variety of services such as deposit and unconditional cash withdrawal, issuing cheque books receiving and sending remittances, obtaining a master card and this account is available to companies, institutions and employees with salaries.


Account benefits: –

· Deposit and cash withdrawal in currencies (dollar, dinar)

· Access to a cheque book

· The possibility of transferring salary on it

· The possibility of receiving a periodic statement of account

· The possibility to receive notifications on your mobile or email about your bank account and the processes that are done on it

· The person may act as his agent for deposit or withdrawal of funds

Terms of opening the account : –

· The legal age of opening the account is not less than 18 years and the approval to open the current account is approved by the branch manager or his representative and the extent to which the customer needs to open this account.

· Four sticks or consolidated card

· copy of passport

· photograph

Savings Account Service

Savings Account:

A savings account is an investment savings account that is compliant with Islamic law. Individuals, companies and institutions can open this account. This account enables customers to save part of their fixed assets, which they can exploit in purchases while achieving a return on finance Regular and VIP accounts can be opened as personal or corporate accounts.

Deposit Investment Account

Deposit Investment Account

Deposit Investment Account:

An investment deposit is an amount of money that is saved or deposited in the bank for a certain specified period in accordance with a contract and conditions agreed upon by the parties with the amount and the bank, with the aim of saving or investing the money, and therefore the owner of the amount receives a specific return in accordance with the terms of the contract for the duration of the cash amount in the bank

Personal loans:

Ur Islamic Bank’s garages are designed to be accessible to everyone, especially those who work to realize their dreams, and the options offered by our loans help you realize your dreams no matter how ambitious you may be.


Personal Loans:

Personal Loans:

UR Islamic Bank Personal loans have been designed to be within the reach of everyone, especially those who are working to achieve their dreams. The options offered by our loans also help you achieve your dreams, no matter how big your ambitions are.

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