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Bank’s establishment

Some words to describe our establishment story and the growth steps for us.
  • Established  as a Private Shareholding Company (P.S.C.) and started operating in (2018/1/21).
  • Provides services for all types of banking products.
  • A growing customers’ base.
  • Started with a paid-up capital of (101,350,110,000)IQD billion which was increased  to (151,350,110,000) IQD billion and further increased in Capital will be increased early next year. 


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Some words to describe our mission


  • To understand the diversity of clients and accommodate diverse customers’ financial needs.
  • Provide products and services that promote ethics in accordance with Islamic principles.
  • Provide comfortable access through various means anytime and anywhere.
  • Make appositive contribution to society and care for people.

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